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SAW's FJ Cruiser at National Summit E-mail
Monday, 23 July 2007

We wanted to drop a quick note to say that we re-installed the Sway-A-Way and Total Chaos gear and drove the FJC out to the first national FJ Summit in Ouray, CO.

Click image to open!
Click image to open!

Attendance was an amazing 192 trucks! I am pleased to report that our truck was by far one of the most popular. People were hovering around it, inspecting the parts, taking photos next to it and inside it! It was a genuine hit.

Plus, a film crew came by and filmed the entire truck while Ben narrated what we had done to it. News on when it will be aired as I learn it myself.

I am attaching shots of the truck in action at the Jambo. Cheers!


David Zartman
4WD Toyota Owner Magazine
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